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Manakamana Cable Car


Manakamana cable car starts from Kurintar which is on the way to go to Sauraha Chitwan and Pokhara from Kathmandu also known as Prithvi highway with bus driving distance 106km from Kathmandu, 102km from Pokhara and 62km from Sauraha Chitwan. Manakamana Cable Car, an Austrian engineered cable car that raises elevation 1000m covering 2.8km from the Prithvi Highway to the Manakamana temple. Manakamana temple is one of the most famous Hindus pilgrims in Nepal which is located at Gorkha district of Nepal from where we can have a panoramic view of Manasalu, Annapurna, Trishuli river valley, Marsyangdi valley, long hill range and many more. Hindus believe that the goddess Bhagwati, an incarnation of Parbati, has the power to grant wishes, and newlyweds flock here to pray for male children.

The distance between Manakamana and the starting point is 2.8 km. It takes 8 minutes to cover the distance. There are 34 boxes, among them 31 are for the passengers and 3 for the cargo. Each car has 6 persons capacity to carry at a time. The system has capacity of handling 600 persons per hour. This was made under Austrian technology and it has benefitted people a lot.

Manakamana is a holy site of Hindu Pilgrimage. The temple of Manakamana is dedicated to the goddess Kali and Hindus believe that the Kali blesses and grants the pilgrim wishes.  Pilgrims of different places including India come in the thousands to visit and pay homage to goddess Manakamana. It is believed by the locals that she fulfills our wishes if we pray her by heart. So she is called “Manakamana” which means “wish of heart”.

Spiritual tour to Manakamana temple

Among, many temples in Nepal, the temple of Manakamana is immensely idolized and most of the devotees are inquiring to tour the temple. The name Manakamana is derive from the two words that is “Mana” which mean immaculate heart and “Kamana” means aspire so this sacred temple is stand for to accomplish the aspire of immaculate heart of its followers. This temple is to be found in the Gorkha district of Nepal and is the most sacred temple of Hindu devotees. From the era of 17th century this holy temple have been holding in high esteem yet to the recent time and sustaining its matter of facts myth towards the enthusiastic. It is assumed that, At the era of 17th this Gorkha province was ruled by king Ram shah with her queen and his queen obsessed the almighty power of divine that furtive divine power of queen was only knew by her  great follower Lakhan thapa and after all one day the king attestant his queen as the embodiment of divinity and Lakhan thapa as the incarnation of Lion. Upon expounding the disclosure to his queen furtivious demise occur the king. As stated by that era custom and tradition the queen was dedicated herself to suttee (ritual immolation) on the interment pyre of her husband. Before reducing to ashes the queen had asserted to Lakhan Thapa that she would ingress in Gorkha by any appearance in the emerging future. This gospel saying of queen comes true when after six month a farmer ploughing his field chopped a stone and saw a flow of blood and milk from the stone and that phenomenon take notice by Lakhan thapa and without delay started devout ritual performing by Hindu tantric (one who speak voodoo).Subsequently, the flowing of blood and milk come to an end, even since this place became the utmost exalted place of pilgrimage regards the intact devotees. As the opinion of tradition the priest of Manakamana temple supposed to be the incarnanation of Lakhan thapa and from that era till to now this highly praise temple had been standing on one’s ground in the pitch of orthodox.

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