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Every person has a dream to fly and feel that wind rushing through the body while observing the bird’s eye view of the earth. This dream is made true in Nepal with the introduction of Zip flyer.
Zip Flyer Nepal is the world’s longest, steepest, and fastest zip-line to give you the ultimate adventure experience. Zip-line is pulley suspended on a cable, 5000 feet above sea level and mounted on an incline. You are seated onto a harness and made to zip from the hill to the plain. Just imagine the adrenaline rush as you zip down at speed up to 140km/h on a cable 1.8 km long. A ride of this magnitude has never been built before and this ride will truly be the most unique experience pushing you adrenaline max. Zip Flyer Nepal is the world’s most extreme Zipline.
If you are looking for true adrenaline rush then Zip Flyer is for you. Unlike anything you’ve seen before, the Sky zip line is truly an experience not to be missed. Participants must be between 35 and 125 kg (75 and 275 pounds) and must be comfortable with the heights. This ride is not recommended for individuals with back or neck problems, or those who are pregnant. Other than that, its for all from the rest of the world.