Bungee Jump in Nepal is quite popular for foreign tourist and young stars of Nepal. It’s great thrills and also a dangerous game. Bungee jump is only for check braveness and makes the limit of scary. Here are some of the adventurous Bungee jump locations of Nepal that you can read before you tie your bags for the Bungee.


Bungee Jump in the Gorge of Bhote Koshi

The physical structure of the country had made itself a different and a unique country in the world. Experience one of the most spectacular and adventures Bungee Jump in the country. Imagine the free falling down experience to 500 ft in the gorge of Bhote Koshi.

If you the real adventure lover you must have to try the Bungee in the lifetime. The location for the real adventure is only 4 hours far from the capital city of the country and 12 kilometers away from the Tibet Border. The Bungee bridge is designed as per Swiss 4x safety measurement so they are safe enough for your adventure activates.


Bungee Jump in Pokhara

Pokhara is widely famous for the plethora of adventure sports from Paragliding, Ultra Flight, zip-flyer ,par hawking, trekking, Stand up paddle and much more. Experience the Water touch Bungee in Pokhara’s Hemja near the Tibetan camp.


Credit: https://www.merokalam.com/bungy-jump-in-nepal/