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Three Sixty Travels provide safe and efficient helicopter charter services in Nepal for all your personal and business needs. A helicopter charter flight allows you to reach the remote part of Nepal in your time. Many places in hills and mountain are not possible to reach in short time; it takes days, weeks or even months. Due to the lack of easy walking trails, charter helicopter flights are the best option to reach these places or take some goods there.

Charter helicopter flights to these destinations of the Himalayas are best for human travel or goods transports. It’s almost impossible to take goods and to reach in the remote area within your time, no worries, you can soar above all the congestion at over 110mph.  Increase your productivity by drastically reducing your travel time and eliminating any stress of physical walking. Helicopter charter is the wise choice for you. Safety is our top priority and we pride ourselves in our perfect safety record.  We take every step necessary in order to keep each and every flight safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. We are committed to the highest level of quality and customer service.